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10 Awesome Twitter Tools Probably You Never Heard Before

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Twitter apps

Twitter is the perfect place to promote contents, share thoughts and build relationships. If you become familiar, it will make you addictive to the platform. But unlike other social networks, you need a number of external tools to get the full benefit of the microblogging site.

We explained 33 Ultimate Tools to Manage Your Twitter Account early this year. Now we bring 10 awesome tools to unlock several opportunities on Twitter. They are helpful to manage your account, followers and their activities.

10 Awesome Twitter Tools

Hope you will enjoy the list. If you have something to share, let us know through comments.

1. Life On Twitter

It is an exciting tool to exhibit detailed statistics of your account. It will show who mentioned you most, how much is your following ratio, how many tweets you have sent in each day of the week, most used hashtags, top influencers and popular tweets from your account.

2. Sleeping time

Do you want to know the sleeping time of a certain user? This tool will analyze the tweeting time of said user and tell you his or her approximate sleeping schedule.

3. Does Follow

Know who follows whom. Enter usernames of two Twitter accounts and know whether one follows another or not.

4. Social Rank

Analyze the strength of your Twitter account, influence rate and that of your followers. It will show you the average retweet per tweet of the user, likes he receives, account age, most used keywords etc. You can filter the results by location, device type, keywords, language, company and so on.

5. T.U.N.S

Get email notifications as soon as anyone unfollowed you

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6. Pay with a tweet

Do you have something to sell like products, books, etc? Create a social media campaign and ask your readers to share among social sites for attractive gifts and offers.

7. Missinglettr

Are you a blogger? Then, this’s a useful tool for you. It will share your every blog post automatically to connected social accounts along with hashtags, images and even quotes from your contents.

8. Twitfav

Automatically retweet, favorite tweets by keywords or by predefined rules. Schedule single or bulk tweets, follower maps, follow/unfollow statistics are other main features of Twitfav.

9. Tweety Mail

Tweet, reply and retweet from your email. Create an email alert for tweets, mentions, unfollows etc. What else? Do you want to schedule tweets or tweet pictures, right from your email service? Yes, it too possible from this app.

10. Twitter Archiver

Twitter Archiver is a Google Chrome extension. It lets you autosave tweets in a Google spreadsheet that matches to your search keyword, hashtag, mentions or location.

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