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Top 25 Twitter Accounts in India – Who has Most Number of Followers?

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twitter accounts india

Social media has become the place to showcase popularity and online influence of a person or brand. A dedicated team will manage the social media profile for the original account holder and posts, comments on behalf of him. This method of social management helps to improve their engagement rate, build a network of followers and grow the account.

The social media influence rate will increase with the number of followers a user has. His posts will reach a large group when compared to others and add more value to his efforts and commitments.

It’s interesting to see the top 25 Twitter accounts in India. These are those accounts.

25.ย Sonam Kapoor – 11.5M Followers

24.ย Chetan Bhagat – 11.6M Followers

23.ย Sonakshi Sinha – 12.5M Followers

22.ย Shahid Kapoor – 12.5M Followers

21.ย Suresh Raina – 12.8M Followers

20.ย Arvind Kejriwal – 13.2M Followers

19.ย Abhishek Bachchan – 13.4M Followers

18.ย Karan Johar – 14.4M Followers

17.ย Anushka Sharma – 14.8M Followers

16.ย Virender Sehwag – 15.4M Followers

15.ย Alia Bhatt – 15.8M Followers

14.ย Dalai Lama – 17.4M Followers

13.ย A.R.Rahman – 19M Followers

12. Priyanka Chopra – 21.5M Followers

11.ย Hrithik Roshan – 22M Followers

10.ย Virat Kohli – 22.5M Followers

9.ย Aamir Khan – 22.7M Followers

8.ย Deepika Padukone – 22.8M Followers

7. Sachin Tendulkar – 23.4M Followers

6.ย Akshay Kumar – 24.3M Followers

5.ย PMO India – 24.4M Followers

4.ย Salman Khan – 30.5M Followers

3.ย Shah Rukh Khan – 32.7M Followers

2.ย Amitabh Bachchan – 32.9M Followers

1.ย Narendra Modi – 39.6M Followers

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