The Faces of Facebook: Discover the profile pictures of all Facebook users in one place, including yours

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Facebook profile

A screenshot from the site

It will be interesting to see profile pictures of all Facebook users in a single page or app. But it may take several years or decades to check each of them as an owned company has more than 1.2bn active users now.

The Faces of Facebook, a new app designed, to show all Facebook users’ profile pictures based on their date of joining. Each person is represented by a tiny dot, in the website. By clicking anywhere on the screen, a thumbnail of a respective profile for which that dot represents will be revealed. You can go through the profiles by selecting their thumbnails.

And do you want to check your own profile from the list, or Do you ever wonder about the first person to join Facebook after/before you?

Just log in to the app with your Facebook id and it will solve all your queries. You can search for your profile, it will show you with unique face number. This number is assigned automatically based on your date of joining. It can be posted on the Facebook wall and users can search for their friends’ faces to see whether they joined the site before or after them.

Faces of Facebook is created by Natalia Rojas, a freelance creative technologist, from Miami says the app doesn’t store anyone’s profile information, photos or names and no images are accessing from the site other than profile pictures which is set to public by default on Facebook.

“We are not breaking any Facebook privacy rules and we’ve just found a harmless way to show 1,260,866,093 Facebook profile pictures and organize them in chronological order” Rojas says.

Each face has been automatically added to the site in chronological order, starting with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as expected. The total number of Facebook users can be seen on the app’s home page and it’s increasing with each second.

‘It is infinite because this network won’t stop growing.” Rojas explained.

So why wait? Visit the page and see which of your friends has the longest Facebook tenure. And it will be fun to know that who is sitting near to you in Facebook college, whether he or she is from Europe, Africa or some other.

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