30 Proven SEO Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic by 200 %

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Blogging is the best career option nowadays. It lets you earn a decent income by writing contents on your favorite subject.

We know several bloggers who earn thousands of dollars on a daily or weekly basis. They have a huge number of regular readers, so getting traffic is not a difficult task for them. But what about the newbies?

If you are a beginner or a small scale blogger, just follow our SEO tips to divert more traffic to your contents. They are useful to quickly improve the traffic and build an own audience for your blog.


Follow these steps on your blog,

1. Keyword Research

Know what readers searching now. Use Google Keyword Planner or SERPs or Keyword Tool for getting information on latest search trends. Write your posts according to that.

2. Write more

Write lengthier posts. Give detailed information to your readers on the topic covered. Prominent bloggers say that posts with at least 1000 words will bring more traffic than the ordinary posts. It is very effective to convert your visitors to regular readers.

3. Blog regularly

Publish posts at regular intervals. It is the best way to get more traffic from search engines and social media.

4. Give catchy titles

The visitors should come to your blog by seeing the title. We can use ‘Top 10′, ’12 best plugins’, ‘ultimate guide’ like titles for getting additional traffic to the site. It should be catchy and unique one.

5. Add relevant images

Add beautiful royalty free images in blog posts. They can send a good amount of traffic to your site using image search. For that, you need to insert relevant keywords into them.

6. SEO plugin

If you are a WordPress user, install an SEO plugin on the blog. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO are top in the category.

7. Meta

Don’t forget to add a meta description, keywords in each and every blog post.

8. Social media plugin

Add social media icons or plugin to your site. It allows the readers to share your post among their friends.

9. Conduct contests and giveaway

Run a contest on your blog, ask readers to share the post among social networks to participate. Reward the winners with some gifts, e-books, license keys etc. You will get such things easily by contacting software companies and other sponsors.

10. Search console

Create an account with Google webmaster tools and Bing. Submit your link to them as soon as publishing the post.

Social Media

Can you forget social media sites? Nope. Follow post and image guidelines in each network to get maximum visibility among fans.

11. Facebook

Share your post on Facebook profile, business page and groups.

12. Twitter

Share your post among followers on Twitter. Use Twitter cards with a large image to get immediate attention from them.

13. Pinterest

Pin your post images to separate board on Pinterest.

14. StumbleUpon

After publishing a content, stumble it to get visitors from the social site.

15. Google+

Share your link on Google+. It is effective to get organic traffic too. If your friends searching for similar contents on Google, they will get those links you shared on the network.

16. Flipboard

Flipboard is a useful option where you can create magazines on various topics. Create a blog specific magazine and share your new posts on it.

17. Slideshare

Create and publish slides on Slideshare. It is one of the top content marketing sites and can bring your site to new heights.

18. YouTube

Create related videos and publish it on YouTube.

19. Quora/Reddit

Use question-answer site Quora for blog promotions. Unlike other social sites, you can’t share the links directly there. Find questions on your interesting topics, answer and if you have relevant posts, put links there. Reddit is another popular tool for diverting traffic.

20. Feedburner

Create RSS feed for your blog. Google offers such a free tool in the form of Feedburner. Add a sidebar widget on your site for readers to subscribe and get notifications on your latest posts.

21. Share your old posts

There will be evergreen posts on any site. Share them periodically on social sites to get the traffic. You can make use of plugins for doing the task automatically. Revive Old Post is such a plugin. Install and configure it for the first time. It will automatically choose and share your posts on connected accounts at regular intervals.

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Building relationship is an important part of content marketing process.

22. Respond to comments

Be active in your blog conversations. Respond to the commenters in time, politely and positively. So the readers will feel that you value them a lot.

23. Blogging communities

Submit contents to blogging communities. It’s very beneficial to get more readers, who are interested in your niche. That’s not all. You will get a chance to go through the interesting posts of other bloggers around the world. This reading process will help you to improve the knowledge and vocabularies. A free course to reach new milestones. Is it?

24. Blogging forums

There are hundreds of forums on every niche. Find them, share your thoughts and make a good reputation there before promoting the posts.

25. Contact other bloggers

Contact fellow bloggers for advise, backlinks etc. Building relationship will help you on long term basis for even exploring unexpected opportunities on blogging career. After having a good contact with them, you can ask to share any of your posts among their followers or on the blog.

26. Comment on other blogs

Spend time for reading others’ posts and put your valuable thoughts, suggestions there. Don’t insert your blog links on the comment section for traffic, which is useless and you will be marked as a spammer.

27. Guest post

Write on other similar blogs for expanding your readers strength and getting backlinks.

28. Offer guest posting opportunity

Ask fellow bloggers to write on your site. Naturally, they will share such posts among their friends and followers. This method is useful on several grounds. You will get articles on topics in which you are not comfortable, articles base will be improved and more articles means more ways to get the traffic.

29. Analyze your traffic using Google Analytics like tools and write follow up writings of popular posts.

30. Add your blog address in your email signature and social profile links.

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