10 Most Retweeted Tweets of All Time – Popular Tweets in the History

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Social media is a powerful tool to influence a large number of audience at once and analyze their pulse. That’s why we use it for monitoring latest trends as well as sharing our thoughts, promotions, selling products etc.

Twitter is a prominent and professional quality network which can change the destiny of your marketing efforts in a short message. It clearly indicates that 140 characters are more than enough to unlock benefits on anything you want.

The microblogging site is used by people around the world, from every country and sector. It is a favorite spot for the leaders to share their grievances, thoughts on latest incidents around us. Sometimes, their messages will become viral within a short period and create a positive impression in the society. If they’re really valuable, people will love to share the same with own followers.

In this post, we’ll show you 10 most retweeted tweets in history. Former president Barak Obama is still a major social media influencer and he is the only one person who joins the list with multiple tweets. His recent response to the violence in Charlottesville got 1,631,431 retweets and 4,346,442 favorites till this writing.

10. Harry Styles838,256 Retweets

9. President Obama – 858,997 Retweets

8. Barack Obama – 914,496 Retweets

7. Denny JA – 1,022,297 Retweets

6. Ariana Grande1,101,469 Retweets

5. elrubius1,416,458 Retweets

4. Barack Obama – 1,707,645 Retweets

3. Louis Tomlinson – 2,650,073 Retweets

2. Ellen DeGeneres – 3,384,154 Retweets

1. Carter Wilkerson – 3,650,806 Retweets

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