15 Best Productivity Apps to Organize Your Work

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productivity apps windows

Windows apps library contains tons of free, premium tools to improve your productivity and speed up the work. They are highly effective to complete the work within less time and in a credible way.

You will get apps for any need in Windows Store. It is up to you, to choose right apps that match to your requirements.

We’ll show you the 15 best Windows apps to enhance your productivity and attain goals within the stipulated time. Here’s our list.

1. FlatFrog Whiteboard

productivity apps windows

Turn your PC into a smart whiteboard. FlatFrog lets you write, draw on the computer screen with touch and pen support. It is an ideal app for classroom lessons and business presentations.

Users can easily draw a chart, picture on the whiteboard and use the eraser to make changes. Multiple users can use the app at the same time. Save your work and share it via email or print if needed.

2. OneNote

productivity apps windows

Prepare your notes, save anything on the web, create a to-do list, sketch ideas – everything using a single app. OneNote is a Microsoft product that works as your notebook in the computer.

It is an excellent tool for preparing travel plans and project works. OneNote comes with touch and pen support. So you can write anywhere on the page to express your thoughts. Save all your notes in separate notebooks and share them individually or in group with others.

3. Dropbox

productivity apps windows

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service to save any type of content in a secure vault. It includes photos, videos, documents and share them with friends, family, colleagues, team mates etc.

The desktop app automatically syncs files with your system. So you can access them anytime even without internet connectivity. Dropbox works across computers, smartphones, tablets, web and operating systems.

4. Drawboard PDF

productivity apps windows

Perfect PDF document builder for Windows systems. Create a PDF file easily or open existing documents and annotate it to convey your ideas.

It has a user-friendly interface and delivers an unimaginable presentation-oriented experience. You can merge, arrange multiple PDF documents and personalize various parts of them including design, layout etc.

5. Alarm Clock HD

productivity apps windows

Start your day with a perfect, accurate alarm. Alarm Clock HD is an essential tool that offers a bundle of features like unlimited alarms, world clock, weather, currency exchange rates, music player, Facebook feed, RSS feed, sleep timer and room light sensor.

Choose your favorite song and set it to play at sleep time for a chosen duration to make you sleep. It has a built-in light sensor, so the alarms will stop ringing automatically when you switch on the light.

6. TouchMail

productivity apps windows

TouchMail is a gorgeous email client. Read, compose and manage all your emails from one place. It has powerful filters to easily identify and sort your important emails at a glance.

It is a clean and fastest mailing solution which works with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL, Office 365 and most of the IMAP email accounts. You can attach files to email or upload them to cloud storage services like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box.

7. LastPass: Free Password Manager

productivity apps windows

We have accounts on several social networks, e-commerce sites, subscription services and emails. It is difficult to remember all those passwords.

LastPass records your each password in an encrypted vault and automatically fill up your login information when needs. It has millions of users and works on computers, smartphones, tablets and web. You can store details of bank accounts, credit cards, passports, driving license and other financial as well as ID card info on the app. Form auto fill is another notable feature of the tool.

8. Evernote

productivity apps windows

Evernote is our favorite app to collect web contents, create notes, scan documents, annotate images and more. It lets you take notes in various forms including texts, audio, video, sketches, photos and web clippings.

Express your ideas, checklists, to-do lists and share them with others for feedback and modification. Develop your project with maximum resources and multiple participants to make it ultimate. Evernote can be used for performing various kinds of jobs like project works, event planning, presentations and others.

9. Office 365 Personal

productivity apps windows

Office 365 is an inevitable productivity tool for home and enterprises. You can create Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and save them instantly to OneDrive or local computer. It works irrespective of the device type. So you can use them anywhere on all your devices.

10. Translator

productivity apps windows

Translate text, speech to more than 60 languages around the world. It will translate your conversations in real time and lets you share it with other apps. Translate images and even download languages for offline use.

11. Kopy

productivity apps windows

Kopy is a revolutionary tool to copy paste texts across the devices. Copy your text from the computer, paste it to the app’s website and receive the text on your mobile, tablet or vice versa. Install the app and do copy, paste easier than before.

12. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

productivity apps windows

Xodo is a top rated Windows app to read, edit and manage PDF documents. Write and draw on PDF, underline and highlight texts deserve separate mentions here.

It delivers fast, smooth reading experience and works well on mobiles, tablets and Chrome browser as well. Document scanning, annotate PDFs, merge multiple files, document signing are other main features of the tool.

13. Google Drive

productivity apps windows

Can we forget Google Drive? It is a great option to save documents, images, drawings, movies, music on cloud storage and access them anytime you want.

You can quickly share contents with others, collect their feedback from any device they use. It is well connected with Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google forms, Google Drawings and over 100 Drive apps in the Chrome Web Store.

14. TeamViewer

productivity apps windows

Provide remote support to friends, family, clients or access contents on your home computer while on the go. It allows you to control any Windows, Mac, Linux computer within seconds and without complex configurations. Thus you can remotely open documents and apps on them as if you were sitting right in front of that system.

15. Enpass

productivity apps windows

Enpass is another password management app for you. It helps you create a strong and unique password for email and other web accounts. Store your credentials in an encrypted vault and recollect them when the need arises.

Its scope is not limited to just storing passwords. You can also save bank accounts, credit cards, driving license, passport and secure notes into Enpass and protect them using a master password.

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