Path to introduce premium subscription service at $14.99 p.a

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Path, the social network, launched premium subscription service today and updated its privacy policy too.

Dave Morin, former Facebook executive founded Path in 2010, as he felt that smaller social network will be more effective than larger ones like Facebook. As you know, we can add thousands of friends on FB, and mostly, we don’t know who they all are. In most of the cases, 60 % of them will be strangers. But in Path, you can add maximum 150 friends only. They may be your close friends, family members, neighbors. In any case, you cant cross the limit of 150 friends.

Instead of advertisements, yesterday, the company decided to start subscription service at $14.99 pa. Users can opt for one-month subscription at $1.99 on iOS or three-month subscription at $4.99 on Android. Premium users can access sticker packs unlimited times and some of the camera filters in the shop.

Path added two additional privacy features for the users- Privacy sharing, which allows users to share their memorable moments with selected friends and Inner circle, which allows users to create a group of friends & can share posts, pictures only to them. The latter feature is just like Google plus, but unlike Plus you can create only one circle in Path.

“Our worldview has always been concentric,” Mr. Morin said in an interview with NY Times, last week. “Inner Circle is designed for those people that you’re spending a lot of time with.” He added.

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