How to Search Gmail Mails by Date and Time

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Gmail is the main mode of communication for most of us. It may contain tons of mails especially if you are using the same account for both personal and official purposes. Such mails can be automatically diverted to separate folders by using filters and storing is not a difficult task as Google provides 15 GB of free usage to everyone.

But my question is that, how can you locate them at a later time? Suppose, you forget about the recipient name, his id and everything except approximate time period of mail sent. Can you move ahead?

Yes, you can. Gmail lets you search mail by date, time and age. Let us check how it works.

Just go to Gmail and give your time frame followed by the keyword in the search box.

Search for mails before or after a particular date

gmail email search

In this example, I searched for mails before 25th August 2010. Thus, you can search for mails before/after a particular date.

before: YYYY/MM/DD – To get mails before a particular date.

after: YYYY/MM/DD – To get mails after a particular date.

You can replace before with older and after with newer as well.

Search mails within a time period

gmail mail search

Use both before and after operators together to recover mails in between two dates. The condition you have seen in the above screenshot will show mails from 10th August 2016 to 25th of the same month.

Search mails within a time period and subject

gmail mail search

It will list mails received from 4th February 2016 to 30th November 2016 with the subject warranty. Instead of the subject you can search by other operators as well.

Some examples,

before: YYYY/MM/DD after: YYYY/MM/DD from: amy – Return mails from a certain sender.

before: YYYY/MM/DD after: YYYY/MM/DD category:updates – Return mails from a certain category.

Search mails by age

gmail mail search

Here I searched mails by its age. It should return mails older than 4 days. It is possible to replace d (days) with m (month) and y (year).

older_than: 2m – Mails older than 2 months.

newer_than: 1y – Mails newer than 1 year.

Some examples,

older_than: 1m has:attachment-Mails older than 1 month along with attachments.

newer_than: 1y filename: resume.pdf – Mails newer than 1 year with a certain attachment.

Search mails by time

Digital Inspiration explained this method to us in a quite interesting way. Here you have to convert the desired date and time to Epoch time first.

Epoch time is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (UTC).

For instance, I want to get the list of mails received before 20th January 2017 12 am. After converting to Epoch, it will be 1484850600.

gmail mail search

Similarly, you can search mails between two times like the following or by subject, label etc.

before: 1484850600 after: 1484022600 – List mails in between 10 am 10th January 2017 to 12 am 20th January 2017.

before: 1484850600 statement – List mails before 12 am, 20th January 2017 with word statement anywhere on the subject or content.


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