How to get Best, Free Flickr Images for Your Blog

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Flickr images

Images play important role in any blog post. Your post will be more attractive with the presence of images and they are useful for gaining more content traffic too via image search of Google like engines. But how to find a best, high-quality image for your post?

There’re several sites on the web from where you can download and use the images. But before downloading, read their licensing conditions carefully. In most of the cases, they will ask for copyright credit with a proper linkback.

Flickr is one of the best sites to get stunning, free images. In the site, you can find hundreds of high-quality images on any topic from the professional photographers around the world. It allows you to use images for commercial, personal as well as designing purposes with proper license credit.

To get relevant images, go to Flickr advanced search page first. Find images with keywords. Suppose, you are searching images for Facebook-related posts, type ‘Facebook’ in Search for’ box.

If you want to search within your friends list only, select ‘ From your contacts’ from ‘Search in’ drop-down box. ‘Us Government works’ option is useful to get copyright free images. Then select what type of images you want like photos, videos, screenshots, illustration etc.

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Finally, put a tick mark on ‘


Go through the image result, click on any snap you want to view the license details. At the bottom of the taken date, you can find license information of the image.


Click to view the relevant conditions to use it in your posts. It lets you use the image even for commercial purpose, but with proper credit.

Compfight and Behold are other popular ways to get CC images from Flickr.

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