How to Find Free Images for Your Blog with Google

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Images can bring a massive amount of traffic to your contents. Image search engines will divert visitors to your site via a beautiful snap you added in a post. But can you use any image that available on the net?

Certainly not, as they are protected by copyright laws. That’s why the concept of Creative Commons introduced. Now there’re several Flickr like sites to provide licensed images to the bloggers and news sites. By adding a short copyright credit, you can make use of them.

But I say Google search is the best method to get images for your post. You can find any type of image, both for the commercial and non-commercial purpose, using advanced image search of the search giant.

google images

Go to Google advance image search page first, type what kind of image you want. Usually, it will show all types of images which matches to your keywords.It means, the search engine will show links of all Samsung Galaxy products, even though you asked for Samsung Galaxy S7 only. To avoid this situation, type your keywords within the quotes (“Samsung Galaxy S7”) to get the actual results you want.

In the next step, choose image type and size. If you don’t want to see GIF files in the results, opt for JPEG or PNG according to your requirement.

Google lets you search within a particular site too. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu of Usage rights. If you are running a commercial site, choose ‘Free to use or share, even commercially’. Some of the images are Creative Commons, so read conditions carefully before downloading and using them on your site.

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