How to Create a Password Protected Download or Page in WordPress

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Password Protected Page wordpress

You may be familiar with several websites which offer download of themes, plugins or any other files. When a user clicks on download, it will ask for the password. If you enter the password correctly the download will begin, otherwise, it shows an error message with an option for retry.

Can you create such password protected files or pages in WordPress? Yes, you can.

WordPress’s built-in feature lets you create password-protected pages and posts. To do so go to publishing screen, change your page visibility to ‘Password Protected’ and add a password of your choice. Install and activate Page Links to plugin, then one more option will appear at the bottom of page edit screen. Assign your redirect URL where your download is stored. You can repeat this process whenever you create download options.

WordPress Download Manager is another powerful option for password protected downloads.

  1. From WordPress dashboard, select Plugins, then click Add new
  2. Search for ‘WordPress Download Manager‘, find it from the showed results
  3. Click on Install now button, then activate it.
  4. You will be automatically redirected to the plugin panel. At the bottom, you can find Download – Add New option. Click on that.
  5. Add your file details like name, description in the new screen.
  6. Upload your file
  7. Assign password, stock limit, download icon and click on Publish. You can make more customizations via plugin settings.

Download Monitor and Simple Download monitor are other popular plugins in the category. In Download Monitor, you can provide file access exclusively to your blog members or anyone who is giving correct password. Both the plugins let you protect the files via above-said visibility option. Change it from ‘Public’ to ‘Password Protected’.

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