28 Most Funny, Interesting Websites to Change Your Mood

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Are you not in good mood ?

Is your mind depressed ?

There are several ways to relax yourself and free from the stresses. Watching movies is a good option. It will entertain you and bring the viewers to the life, experiences of someone else. If you are not a movie maniac, go for a trip. You all know about the benefits of travelling. So I don’t want to explain again how it can change your mind.

If you are not in a position to watch movies or go outside, browse on the web. A couple of sites are waiting for you to fill your moments with fun, excitement and knowledge.

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I suggest such 28 funny, interesting websites in this post.

1. A Good Movie to watch – A website for movie lovers. It will suggest you a good movie to watch next along with its storyline, sources and trailer.

2. Tickld – Jokes and funny articles. It offers countless hours of fun and excitement.

3. Pick the Brain – Improve your productivity and health. Totally grow yourself.

4. HowStuffWorks – Interesting how to articles

5. Dear Photograph – Know how the time has changed a place.

6. Sort by dislikes – Find most disliked videos and channels on YouTube.

7. Stratocam – Collection of Some awesome Google Map images

8. Upvoted – Official Reddit blog

9. Solve the Riddle! – Watch the scene carefully and unlock the game to the next level. Great site to kill your time.

10. Gnoosic – Music recommendations based on your interests.

11. CoolThings – This website provide information about cool, probably never heard of items. Best way to get knowledge on unfamilar gadgets and things.

12. Notey – Shows top blogging stories by your interests.

13. Awkward Family Photos – Funny family photos

14. How Far From Home – Read experiences of couple who travel around the world.

15. HiveStory – HiveStory is a network of writers. Join the site, contribute your words and shape them into amazing story threads with the help of others.

16. Experience Mount Everest – Do you want to reach on the top of Mount Everest ? Without leaving home ? Then, this website is for you. Enjoy the hiking in real feeling 3D quality.

17. How Old – Upload your photo and Microsoft will predict your age. Cool. Right ?

18. FutureLearn – Free online courses on different categories.

19. Faking News – Faking news on recent happenings.

20. Project Alexandria – Book recommendations based on your interests, favorite books or authors.

21. This Is Why I’m Broke – Buy products that you even know even existed.

22. GiphyTV – Cute, funny gif images.

23. Supercook – Enter whatever ingredients you have right now, the website will tell you which item can be prepared using them.

24. Our World in Data – A deep research on the human civilization and know what will happen in near by future.

25. 9-Eyes – Photographs captured by Google street view cars.

26. Faces of Facebook – An app features profile pictures of all Facebook users. Can you find out your own from the millions of tiny photos ?

27. Cracked– Interesting articles and videos.

28. All That Is Interesting– Unseen, rarely seen photos.

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  • Artem Anoshkin

    Also check up writelight. guru – with freewriting prompts for creative thinking, reflection on career and life issues. It’s a gem if you’re into journaling. If not – it’s just very interesting stuff.