Here’s 15 Most Followed Celebrities on Twitter

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most followed celebrities twitter


A tweet is adequate to touch millions of hearts, especially if you are a celebrity or a politician. People love to follow them for real-time updates on events, upcoming projects, and opinions.

Who is your favorite celebrity? How many of them are in your following list?

These’re the 15 most popular celebrities on Twitter.

15. Jimmy Fallon -50.9M followers

14. Shakira – 51.8M followers

13. Demi Lovato – 56.2M followers

12. Selena Gomez – 56.3M followers

11. Ariana Grande – 56.8M followers

10. Britney Spears – 57.6M followers

9. Kim Kardashian – 59.5M followers


8. Justin Timberlake – 65.7M followers

7. Cristiano Ronaldo – 72M followers

6. Ellen DeGeneres – 77.6M followers

5. Lady Gaga – 78M followers

4. Taylor Swift – 85.6M followers

3. Rihanna – 87.1M followers

2. Justin Bieber – 106M followers

1. Katy Perry – 109M followers


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