World Leaders on Twitter: 15 Famous First Tweets

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We need a beginning for everything. And for social media too.

Twitter has launched in 2006, exactly 11 years back. There was uncertainty regarding its success and future in those days. However, the revolutionary microblogging site became popular among the users within a short period of time and nearly 320 million people are using their service now.

“Ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet,” Twitter said last year, pointing to first ever tweet made by Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

 This is that historical tweet which is shared 103,930 times and favorited 76,607 times till this writing.

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It will be interesting to see now famous first tweets of our world leaders.

1. Donald J. Trump

Designation: President of the United States

Joined: March 2009

Followers: 30.9M

Tweets: 35K

2. JustinTrudeau

Designation: Prime Minister of Canada

Joined: March 2008

Followers: 3.2M

Tweets: 14.5K

3. Narendra Modi

Designation: Prime Minister of India

Joined: January 2009

Followers: 30.2M

Tweets: 15.3K

4. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Designation: President of Turkey

Joined: August 2009

Followers: 10.3M

Tweets: 4597

5. Pope Francis

Designation: Pop of the Roman Catholic Church

Joined: February 2012

Followers: 10.8M

Tweets: 1,211

6. HH Sheikh Mohammed

Designation: Ruler of Dubai

Joined: June 2009

Followers: 7.95M

Tweets: 4,728

7. Joko Widodo

Designation: President of Indonesia

Joined: September 2011

Followers: 7.46M

Tweets: 715

8. Enrique Peña Nieto

Designation: President of Mexico

Joined: March 2007

Followers: 6.39M

Tweets: 4,918

9. Rania Al Abdullah

Designation: Queen consort of Jordan

Joined: April 2009

Followers: 6.58M

Tweets: 1,760

10. Shinzo Abe

Designation: Prime Minister of Japan

Joined: January 2012

Followers: 691K

Tweets: 1,222

11.Theresa May

Designation: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Joined: June 2016

Followers: 317K

Tweets: 251

12. Salman bin Abdulaziz

Designation: King of Saudi Arabia

Joined: January 2013

Followers: 6.22K

Tweets: 317

13. Sushma Swaraj

Designation: Minister of External Affairs, Govt. of India

Joined: November 2010

Followers: 8.08M

Tweets: 5,018

14. Dmitry Medvedev

Designation: Prime Minister of Russia

Joined: June 2010

Followers: 5.53M

Tweets: 1,307

15. Juan Manuel Santos 

Designation: President of Colombia

Joined: August 2009

Followers: 4.86M

Tweets: 14.3K

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