How to Exclude Certain Category Posts from WordPress Home Page

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WordPress tips

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web. If you are a fresher and not familiar with the blogging process, may ask why it is using by millions of websites and what the advantage it has over other similar services.

Google is the master of technology sector, as you know. They dominates almost every sector, they entered. They have YouTube for videos, Google Drive for cloud storage, Gmail for email and Android for mobile. But still why their blogger service lags far behind WordPress ?

WordPress is simple and can be used even by a basic user of internet. It lets you customize the site by using easy to install themes and plugins. Now we are going to share tips about excluding certain category posts from home or other pages of WordPress.

Suppose, my website contains posts on technology, social media, science and business. All of my posts will appear in home page, naturally. But I want to exclude just business related posts from the home page. Following plugins will help you to achieve that.

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1  Ultimate Category Excluder

exclude category

It is a simple plugin to easily exclude categories from home page, archives, feeds and search results. After activating, go to the settings option to see all your categories. It will have check boxes under each page head. Put a tick mark on desired options to exclude such posts.

2. Front Page Category

exclude category

Front Page Category is another plugin for doing the same job. Unlike the previous plugin, it will exclude the selected category from home page only. After activating, go to the customize to manage your front page categories. The unchecked categories will be hidden from home page, but still appear in other pages like archives, category and tag pages.

3. Simply Exclude

exclude category

Simple Exclude is useful to hide categories and individual posts from WordPress pages. It lets you exclude category at once or selected posts from appearing in front page, archives, feeds and searches.

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