Dogecoin is not just a currency, it’s sexy as well

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Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog. But more than that, it’s the icon of Dogecoin one of the hottest currency in the virtual world.

You can buy some genuine stuff, including theaters, apartments, electronics, etc. with Doge just like Bitcoins or other paper currencies.It has gotten more popular since the recent dawn of Bitcoin trading. Several countries banned transactions via bitcoins by calling it as “unregulated” currency and may widely use for illegal activities like buying drugs or even terrorism.

Dogecoin was introduced just two months back, on December 8 2013, till now 50 billion Dogecoins have been mined. Financial experts say that there will be at least 100 billion Dogecoins in circulation by the end of 2014.Presently there are several online exchanges, like, for Doge trading and their numbers are rapidly increasing.

 From now onwards Doge is sexy as well.

An Australian porn star Angela White recently announced her decision to accept Doge payments on her website.

I believe cryptocurrencies may be the future of online purchases, especially for adult-related products where consumers are often concerned about anonymity,” White wrote on social sharing website Reddit.

Much fun. Such community. Wow.”

She expects her new decision will attract more viewers as most of them want anonymity and some believe that porn sites are not safe to play at all.

When asked about White’s decision, Dogecoin Foundation member Ben Doernberg said it is an “interesting” proposal.

“We truly pride itself on being open and welcoming to everybody,” Doernberg told to Fox News.

“We feel like, it’s a currency – the way some people spend their dollars at church, others spend it in less savory places and ultimately, it’s not up to us to decide.” He stated.


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