How to Set a Custom Facebook Thumbnail Image for Your Blog Posts

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custom Facebook Thumbnail Image wordpress

After publishing a post, we usually share it among leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They collect meta data from your site and show linked posts along with the title, description and thumbnail image.

We set some image as featured in blog posts. Facebook will show the same image thumbnail in most of the cases. But sometimes, it fails to do so.

custom Facebook Thumbnail Image wordpress

This’s such a post of mine. I have set a different featured image for the post, but Facebook collected a random screenshot image from it and shown as the thumbnail. This happened me several times. We can overcome this situation easily by setting a custom thumbnail image for Facebook.

If you are using Yoast SEO, go to the relevant box of single posts page. Tap Social tab from the left menu.

custom Facebook Thumbnail Image wordpress

Here you can enter the title, description for Facebook posts. Choose an image from the last field. Facebook recommend a 1200 x 630 px size image for the social media posting. The selected image will appear in your Facebook posts. You can do the same thing for Twitter too. Tap the blue bird icon to enter Twitter meta data and repeat the steps.

After configuring other parts of the post hit Publish button. That’s all!

To know more about blog post customizations, read the following resources:

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  • Hi Manoj,
    It’s important that Facebook gets the right thumbnail image. You get people’s attention with images far more than just text. This is a great method to use for optimized Facebook results.

    • Yes, thumbnail images are very important for getting attention from the social media users. I went through the similar situations several times and now I am very much conscious about choosing the post images.

      I appreciate your feedback,
      Take care,