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How to Create Beautiful Buttons in WordPress Posts and Pages

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We often insert links in blog posts. It will be a plain text link in most of the cases.

buttons wordpress

See the above example. It’s a screenshot from one of my blog posts in which I used a plain text link. Now see this button.

buttons wordpress

It is beautiful and will give a different look to your content. Is it?  You can create these kinds of buttons in various styles, sizes using Shortcodes Ultimate plugin. With this tool, you can create not only buttons but a bunch of cool things like sliders, tabs, tables, boxes, Google Maps, responsive videos and much more to beautify your contents.

buttons wordpress

buttons wordpress

Buttons can be configured according to your tastes and interests. Customization is available in terms of size, background colour, style, border and icon types.

How to create buttons using Shortcodes Ultimate plugin

Install and activate Shortcodes Ultimate plugin from WordPress library.

Now you can see a new menu in the sidebar under Settings, named Shortcodes. It contains plugin settings, tutorials, demo contents and cheatsheet to make you utilize the features.

Go to Posts > Add New to create a new post. Tap newly created Insert shortcode button to explore the tools.

buttons wordpress

It will show you whatever shortcodes are available with the plugin to supercharge WordPress.

buttons wordpress

Shortcodes Ultimate will be useful for you in several ways. But now we want to know how to create and use buttons. So click Buttons option. You will be diverted to the button settings.

buttons wordpress

If you want to use demo data, click Examples of use link from the top. A new window will open with a number of predefined button styles.

buttons wordpress

Tap Get the code button to see codes in order. Copy from the set of button codes and paste into your post screen to use. Otherwise, go ahead with the button settings.

  • Link: Destination link of your button
  • Target: Do you want to open the link in the same or new tab?
  • Style: Choose from various button styles
  • Background: Background colour of the button
  • Text Colour: Font colour
  • Size: Drag left or right to adjust the size of the button
  • Fluid: Button in full or fixed width
  • Centered: Alignment
  • Radius: Border radius
  • Icon: Tap Icon picker button to insert icons, Tap Media manager to insert images in the button
  • Rel attribute: Dofollow or Nofollow
  • Content: Text appeared on the Button

Click on the Live preview button at the bottom to get a quick look or redesign your button.

buttons wordpress

If you are satisfied with the results, mouse hovers over Presets button and click save current settings as preset to use the same settings in future.Finally, tap Insert shortcode button to use it now.

To know more about more about WordPress customizations, make sure to read the following resources:

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  • Looks interesting ,a good plug in for people who need this kind of buttons.
    Very useful and good to know about.
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika,

      It is an excellent plugin which can be used for 50+ functionalities. Looking great. Thanks a lot for dropping your comment with us.
      Keep in touch.