The 10 Best Blogging Apps for iOS and Android

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blogging apps

Blogs occupy a major portion of cyberspace nowadays. It seems that almost everyone has their own blog. Some bloggers focus on technology, some others on blogging tips or fashion or entertainment or something else. In any case, blogging is not a simple task. You have to do lots of research, homework before writing and publishing a post. You can perform such tasks easily on computers. But what about on the move?

There’re some good apps which let you make research, write, publish, share and do follow-up right from the mobile or tablets. Now we can go through some of the best Android apps in the category.

1. WordPress

blogging apps

Bring the power of WordPress to your Android. It’s ideal to write, edit, publish contents into your site, change themes, moderate comments, track status etc.

2. Blogger

blogging apps

Google blogger’s official app. It lets you compose, edit, publish posts with the option to add labels, location to it. You are able to switch between accounts if you have multiple blogs.

3. Split Browser

blogging apps

Want to browse two web pages at a time, or want to compare two articles? In Split Browser, you can perform two different tasks at the same time. It means you can read some article in one window and prepare mail in the second window without any trouble.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a fantastic app which makes your work easier. Create to-do list, research notes, collect web articles, photos and save them all in one place. Everything can be accessed across the devices and well protected using passcode too.

5. Flipboardf

Flipboard is a single place to follow your favorite topics, collect and read articles from hundreds of websites or blogs around the world.

6. Dictionary

Confused about spelling, phrases or accurate meaning of a word ? Dictionary will help you in such occasions. It contains more than 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms, phrases, abbreviations and much more.

7. Autodesk Pixlr – photo editor

A post cannot be completed without a perfect image. Edit, customize pictures to suit to your post requirements. Images can be beautified in several ways- apply effects, remove red eye, crop, resize or convert it to attractive sketches.

 8. Google Drive

blogging apps

Manage your cloud storage right from mobiles or tablets. Save all work files, images, videos and access them later for further use.

9.Google Analytics

blogging apps

Access Google Analytics anywhere on the go. Track your visitors, channels and resign your promotions according to that.

10. Google AdSense 

blogging apps

Your blogging work won’t complete without analyzing your Adsense earnings. The app allows you to check detailed performance reports based on ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.

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