The 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins You should Use in 2018

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WordPress SEO


Are you searching for best WordPress SEO plugins? Do you want to better optimize your site for search engines? That’s why you have reached here. We’ll tell you about top WordPress SEO plugins that can configure your posts, media and other parts of the site for better visibility and unlock more traffic.

As you know, search engines can bring massive regular traffic to your contents. But they can’t read our site as a human does. Google like sites run on complex programs that are able to fetch information using codings. So we should clearly inform them about nature of our site, post type and others using keywords or metadata.

These are the 9 best plugins for WordPress SEO at this moment.

1. Yoast SEO

WordPress SEO

Yoast is our favorite tool for SEO. It is able to optimize any website part including posts, pages, categories, tags, media and as a whole. I wrote a detailed post on Yoast SEO earlier. If you are new to this blog, don’t forget to read 10 Amazing Things Yoast SEO Plugin can do for Your WordPress Site.

The plugin is easy to use, connects your blog to leading webmaster tools and lets you monitor Google crawl errors right from the WordPress dashboard. It helps you insert social media metadata in blog’s <head> section and customize posts in several ways.

Read How to Give Different Titles for Same Blog Post; In Blog, Social Media and Search Engines.

Yoast will also allow you to create XML Sitemaps and edit robots.txt, .htaccess file etc. It means you can reduce the number of plugins if Yoast SEO is in your hand.

2. WP Meta SEO

WordPress SEO

WP Meta SEO is a simple plugin to manage posts, images and links. It enables you to bulk edit the contents along with the snippet preview option. Thus you can instantly come to know how your changes will reflect in the search engines.

The plugin will show a score for each post based on the SEO analysis and tell you on which part the improvement is needed to improve the ranking. Bulk image optimization is another major advantage of the plugin. It will allow you to update images using proper alt and title attributes in a single view.

WP Meta SEO provides a detailed statistics of links in the site including the number of clicks, whether it is broken or not etc. If it is a broken link, you are able to remove or edit the link just like a dedicated broken link checker plugin. XML Sitemaps, Google Analytics integration, Google Search Console keyword suggestion, Custom redirection, Image resizing, Custom 404 page, Assign Follow/Nofollow tags to links etc are some of the remaining features of the plugin.

3. All in One SEO Pack

WordPress SEO

All in One SEO Pack is an excellent plugin to do the same job. Like Yoast SEO, it too downloaded more than 3 million times so far and becomes frontrunners for WordPress SEO.

It will automatically optimize your posts for search engines and generate meta tags accordingly. You can override those changes any time you want. The plugin offers higher flexibility with regard to Sitemaps as well. It lets you include or exclude posts, pages, media, products, locations, tags from the Sitemap.

Social Meta, Robots.txt, File Editor, Video Sitemap, Bad Bot Blocker, Google Analytics integration, Bulk post editor are other main advantages of the plugin.

4. Premium SEO Pack

WordPress SEO

Premium SEO Pack is a great solution for SEO and improves website speed. It can optimize your contents, images, links and even database. I was using the plugin for a quite long time and really impressed with its features. You can set multiple focus keywords to divert traffic from more sources. It allows you to add up to 10 focus keywords at a time. That is one of the main attractions of the plugin.

Premium SEO Pack reduces your site loading time by minifying CSS, JS and cache files on a single click. Naturally, you will get more traffic according to the speed change. It will monitor your blog for 404-page errors and lets you manage them from a single screen. You can also generate Sitemaps, Video Sitemaps and optimize images with the plugin.

Google Analytics Integration, Mass Optimization, Slug Optimizer, File Editor, SERP, PageSpeed Insights, Link Builder, SERP Tracking, Facebook Planner, are other features of Premium SEO Pack. 

5. SEO Ultimate

WordPress SEO

SEO Ultimate provides powerful options to manage your WordPress blog. It can be used to optimize homepage, posts, pages, attachments, category, tags, archives, custom taxonomies and more.

The plugin enables you to easily override metadata and auto link the contents. Meta Robot Tags Editor is another main attraction of SEO Ultimate. It lets you bulk assign Nofollow or Noindex tag to individual posts, pages, tags and categories in your blog. Manage the settings to automatically add Nofollow attribute in various parts of the site.

404 Monitor, Code Inserter, File Editor, Slug Optimizer, Link Mask Generator are other important features of the plugin.


WordPress SEO

Manage your posts, do keyword research and check Google search ranking position for individual posts – Everything from WordPress backend. SEO by SQUIRRLY will show SEO snippets along with the editor and post score. So it’s not a matter whether you are a beginner or power user of WordPress. You can easily configure a post with Squirrly’s step by step instructions and rank higher on Google.

Find latest search trends, know its exact volume and instantly insert them in your contents. Monitor your individual post traffic with the help of Google Analytics, check Squirrly score and know wherever the improvement is needed to get more readers.

The plugin is intelligent to locate your keywords and show you the recent tweets on the topic you write about. You can open those links from the WordPress Editor, read and generate a better post than expected.

7. Seo Optimized Images

WordPress SEO

Images are a major source of traffic for websites. Seo Optimized Images is an essential WordPress plugin to better optimize your blog images. It will make images SEO friendly by automatically inserting alt and title attributes to it.

Do you want to replace the attributes that are assigned by the plugin? It too possible and you can insert post title, category instead of them.

8. Smart Crawl

WordPress SEO

Smart Crawl is another premium plugin for SEO. It will bring traffic to your site in several ways. It will automatically update your sitemap as soon as a new post is published or updated and notify the same to the major search engines. You can customize the search snippets in terms of home page and posts titles, home page and posts description, keywords and media files.

It helps you to exclude certain posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, images, style sheets from the sitemap for a smarter WordPress SEO. The plugin will work with both single and multi sites & allows you to connect posts together using keywords. Internal linking is the best option to get more readers and reduce bounce rate on your site. The plugin is also useful to manage your archives, 404 pages, meta robots and prevent duplicate links.

9. SEO Redirection Plugin

WordPress SEO

Broken links are common on websites. We should find them at the right time before they affect our online reputation and overall search engine ranking. SEO Redirection Plugin lets you divert the visitors from such dead pages to the recently moved or related pages on the site.

It is a simple plugin to quickly build 301,302,307 redirections for posts and pages of any status. Redirection can be customized based on login status, referrer or to the random pages. In short, SEO Redirection plugin is a magnificent tool to avoid Google penalization and boost ranking.

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