Top 10 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress in 2018

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related posts plugin WordPress

High bounce rate is the biggest challenge for the website owners. If visitors leave your website after reading only one post, the bounce rate will be high. They are reluctant to open other pages and finish the session within a few seconds. This process is not good for your page rankings.

Encourage readers to spend more time on your blog by providing valuable suggestions to them. Analyze the interests of your readers based on the topics they visit, show related articles and make them visit those pages. It will help you to improve the page views and decrease the bounce rate.

A related posts plugin shows relevant posts to the readers anywhere in the single posts area. It comes with an attractive layout and design which leads to the user clicks on articles suitable to them.

Are you using any related posts plugin to increase the page views? Let us check Top 10 plugins in the category.

1. WordPress Related Posts

related posts plugin WordPress

WordPress Related Posts is a simple yet customizable plugin to display similar articles. It features 8 beautiful layouts to match your website theme and design.

It lets you show or hide the post categories, comments, date, excerpt along with the related posts or customize the part using CSS code. The posts will be automatically inserted into your single post pages. It also allows you to manually choose related contents through the post editor. Set default thumbnails for the posts without images, hide widget for specific categories are other advantages of the plugin.

2. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

related posts plugin WordPress

It is the popular plugin that displays posts, pages and custom page types related to the current WordPress content. YARPP gives you full control over the widget including display, post age, font size, category and tag. Normally it shows related posts right below the post content but you can change the position if needed. Use a shortcode to display them elsewhere on the site or visit Appearance> Widgets to enable the sidebar widget.

3. Shareaholic

related posts plugin WordPress

Shareaholic is not just a social sharing plugin. It is an all-in-one tool for sharing, following, related posts, monetization and social analytics. It enables you to show related contents in seven different layouts and in posts, pages, index pages and categories.

Related posts can be shown along with the promotional contents from other popular websites. It is a great way to earn more money from your blog. Monetization is the main plus point Shareaholic has and other plugins lack.

4. Contextual Related Posts

related posts plugin WordPress

Contextual Related Posts is a powerful plugin to show relevant contents and divert visitors to them. It will automatically add related posts to single posts, pages, Homepage, feeds and archives.  They can be shown before the content, after the content and even inside the content after a certain number of paragraphs.

Show or hide contents by age, category, post title, page type and page ID. The plugin is highly customizable that lets you manage other parts as well. You can set target window for the link and assign nofollow attribute to it. What’s else? Just check the plugin. It offers many more features than mentioned here.

5. Related Posts Pro

related posts plugin WordPress

Related Posts Pro is a premium plugin from CodeCanyon. It is a gorgeous and advanced plugin that handles posts, pages, categories, tags and custom page types.

The plugin has 65 different templates and three layouts to give professional quality to your website. It is user-friendly and allows you to customize each and every part of the related posts.

6. Related Posts

related posts plugin WordPress

YUZO Related Posts displays similar articles on each page that related to its category or tag. The plugin is fast and easy to use. It features four different styles and configurable in terms of post type, thumbnail size, background colour, transitions and much more.

7. Jetpack

related posts plugin WordPress

Jetpack is another plugin to increase your page views, traffic and reduce the bounce rate. It is an all-rounder plugin to meet various requirements of a WordPress website including security, social sharing, SEO, backup, related posts, comments etc.

It will show related contents to your readers at the bottom of the post and persuade them to stay longer on the website. Thus it helps you improve the page rankings and traffic.

8. Similar Posts

related posts plugin WordPress

Similar Posts lets you show related contents based on various conditions – by category, tag, author, age, ID and custom fields. It gives complete control over the the display of related posts and the list can be customized in several ways. The similarity is judged according to a post’s title, content, and tags and you can adjust the balance of factors to fit your own site.

9. Better Related Posts Widget

related posts plugin WordPress

Better Related Posts Widget is a premium plugin to display similar posts in the sidebar. It shows contents along with the optional display of author, date, excerpts, comment counts, thumbnails and others. Use categories, tags and custom taxonomies to filter and show relevant posts in the widget.

10. Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

related posts plugin WordPress

It is another simple related posts plugin for WordPress. Insert similar contents by category, tag, categories and tags, random or custom filters. Like the plugins we already discussed, Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress also allows you to customize the font colour, background colour, font family, excerpt length, block height etc.

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    It is so important to show related posts to viewers to keep them engaged. You have shared a very detailed and informative list for related posts plugins!

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    Great plugins! I need to focus more on rehashing old content too and making my posts more shareable. Shareaholic is fab isn’t it?

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    It was truly amazing how this related posts boost and helps our sites. For me best works was the Jetpack, been using for some time now and so as my friends and we’re getting results.

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