7 Best Plugins to Add Free & Paid Images in WordPress

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creative commons images wordpress

A blog image is not just a picture. It represents a deep thought or a post subject. The added image should be related to the content in some way. But at the same time, can you use any image that seen on the web?

Nope. They may be copyrighted images and you can’t use them without the prior permission or license from the original owner. As you know, such images are costly always. They are not affordable for the small-scale bloggers and agencies.

That’s why the concept of creative commons images introduced. You can use, share, modify a creative commons (CC) licensed image anywhere on the web without paying any charges.

We already covered a detailed post on the subject and listed more than 100 websites where you will get CC images for free.

Now we’re going to share 7 best plugins to add free and paid images in WordPress. Search, browse images of your choice and insert anywhere in the website right from WordPress dashboard.

1. Pixabay Images

creative commons Images wordpress

Pixabay is my favorite site for free images. It contains thousands of HD images which can be used for blogging, designing, and others. This plugin allows you to insert images from the site in just a few clicks.

After installation, it will add a new Pixabay button in the WordPress visual editor. Search image by subject, filter results by image types, preview, and upload it to your blog. Very simple and easy to use. Enter title, alternative text and other attributes as you needed.

2. ImageInject

creative commons Images wordpress

ImageInject is a great plugin to add Flickr, Pixabay images in your WordPress blog. Search images with keywords, pick the best of them for your article, insert and set it as the featured image. It works fast and automatically adds the required attribution links next to the image.

It provides different options to choose your image size, alignment, and set attributes. ImageInject is a good option to search from the library of millions of images and insert multiple images at once.

3. PhotoDropper

creative commons Images wordpress

Find a perfect image for your content in seconds. PhotoDropper comes with millions of Creative Commons Images where you can search images based on keywords, filter results, favorite and insert in posts. It helps you to find the right image from multiple photo sites and thus divert your time towards other productive tasks.

PhotoDropper is highly customizable and it handles even the attribution part. You can decide where the attribution note should appear through the plugin settings. PhotoDropper is useful to detect images for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes.

4. Getty Images

creative commons Images wordpress

Getty Images is a popular place for awesome photos and images. It has a dedicated team of professional photographers who deliver world class works to the customers that can be used across news papers, magazines, films, advertising campaigns, books, and media.

The plugin lets you search images of various types, preview, and inserts them according to the licensing agreement and guidelines of Getty Images. It also features over 50 million embeddable images which are available at no cost to you.

5. Instant Images

creative commons Images wordpress

Instant Images is another way to get free images for your blog. Set the maximum image size, enter your subject and choose from the countless Unsplashed.com images. It’s easy to manage, quickly upload amazing stock photos to the WordPress media library and thus reduce your image searching time.

6. Dreamstime Stock Photos

creative commons Images wordpress

This’s the official plugin of Dreamstime, the leading stock images source on internet. It contains millions of free and paid royalty-free images in any subject and type. They are safe to use, give professional quality to your blog and contents.

Connect to your Dreamstime account, browse, view already purchased images, choose image size and upload to start using. It also allows you to earn money via automatic referral program which opens another monetization method for the bloggers.

7. WP Pexels

creative commons Images wordpress

WP Pexels is a lesser known plugin for creative commons images. It’s an exclusive plugin for Pexels.com users as the name indicated. It helps you to search and quickly insert images from the free photo site into WordPress content. The plugin lets you know the image format at the sudden moment, inserts or set it as featured in just two clicks.

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  • Amalia Silva

    I only knew about Pixabay but I’m glad I read your post now because sometimes I’m struggling to get some plugins for stock images! Will have a look on them to see how they fit in my blog, X

  • Soonjoo

    As a blogger, I’m so into finding new plugins to improve my blog. This post is give me inspiration. I’ve been using Pixabay and would love to explore more options when it comes to images.

  • Emmanuel Damian

    I haven’t tried these plugins yet. I have yet to explore each. Thanks for the list! Will try them!

  • Maro Akamatra

    I use my own photos mostly. When I need stock ones I look on pixabay. That’s a nice list!

  • Style Over Coffee

    I have used Pixabay in the past but rest of the plugins are new to me. I will check them out for sure and thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Victoria Moore

    These are great! I haven’t heard of alot of these. I’ll have to bookmark it for later 🙂 Thank you!