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12 Best IFTTT Applets for Android Users

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IFTTT Android

There are several automation tools to better manage your Android phone. Tasker, MacroDroid, AutomateIt, Atooma are some of them.

What about IFTTT? It’s not a smartphone app, but an extra ordinary tool which is suitable for handling various kinds of daily digital activities.

Just connect your device with IFTTT and enable the desired applets to start using. Forget about the rest. See the IFTTT magic on your Android phones and tablets.

We already explained about some exciting IFTTT applets in previous posts. They allow you to automate email, blogging and social media marketing activities and save the time.

In this article, we pick 12 best applets for your Android devices.

1. Turn on WiFi when you arrive at home

Home is the safe zone to connect your smartphone to WiFi. IFTTT tracks your device location through GPS and if it found you are within the home range, the applet will turn on the WiFi connection.

2. Backup your messages to Google Spreadsheet

Keep a record of your incoming messages. Every time you receive a new text message it will be automatically added to a Google Spreadsheet.

3. Find your lost phone

Send a text message ‘lostphone’ to your misplaced or lost Android phone and the ringer volume will be maximized up to 100%. Now call your phone to find it in no time.

4. Add a reminder to Google Calendar on every missed call

Do you miss a call on Android? This applet will add an entry to Google Calendar that reminds you to call the person back.

5. No battery charge? Turn off your WiFi

WiFi is one of the main reasons which affect the battery backup of a smart device. IFTTT monitor your battery percentage and if it falls below the desired level, the applet will turn off the WiFi connection to save power.

6. Silent your phone in night

We silent or using Tasker like apps to mute phone at sleep time. This is a popular IFTTT recipe to automatically silent your phone at bed time. You can set at what time the trigger should be fired every single day to mute the ringer.

7. Unmute your Android phone in mornings

You have silenced the phone last night. Don’t forget to unmute it to get notifications on calls, messages, and others. Set your hour and minutes to bring back its normal position.

8. Backup your new photos to Google Drive

Never lose your valuable photo memories. This applet will backup every photo you take on Android to a Google Drive folder along with the taken date. The maximum size limit for a single file is 30 MB.

9. Change your wallpaper automatically

NASA releases pretty images from the space every day. They share incredible scientific information with the world. Update your Android wallpaper daily according to the NASA images.

10. Backup screenshots to Dropbox

Some times we need to take screenshots on the Android phone for blogging and tutorials. Automatically save them to the folder you specify in Dropbox.

11. It’s the time for listening to music

Are you connected to a Bluetooth device? Great. Then, this recipe will make your Android device to start playing music like a speaker. Enjoy.

12. Track your phone charging with Google Spreadsheet

Every time you charge the Android device, this applet will create a new entry in Google Spreadsheet. Thus you can know how many times you charged the device in a week and month.

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