18 Best Free Tools to Manage Your Facebook Account

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We all have Facebook profiles and pages. That’s why you have reached here.

People using social networks for building relationships, sharing thoughts and promoting products or contents. Facebook is the favorite destination for them because of its popularity and simplicity. Anyone can use it without a hassle and make a connection with people of similar interests from other parts of the world. Facebook is the most populous social network and naturally, it becomes the best spot to market your contents.

Facebook carries brilliant inbuilt tools and features to manage your profiles, pages and groups. It frequently updates the settings to deliver a world-class experience that suits to the present user requirements and their safety.

In this post, we’ll show you 18 best Google Chrome extensions for Facebook users. They help you unlock some hidden features and become a power user of the social site.

1. Photo Zoom for Facebook – Zoom any photos and enhance your image viewing experience on Facebook

2. Social Video Downloader – Download videos directly from Facebook in HD quality

3. Better Facebook for Chrome   – Color changer for header, background and texts on Facebook

4. Album & Photo Manager For Facebook – Manage albums, photos and backup them to your computer

5. Toolkit For Facebook – A collection of useful tools to automate and save your time on Facebook

6. Social Fixer for Facebook – Filter your news feed, hide unwanted things and customize your FB account

7. Adblock for Facebook –  Block ads on your FB news feed and video ads

8. SMS from Gmail  & Facebook – Send and receive text messages directly from Gmail or Facebook on computer using your Android phone.

9. Blue Messenger – Access your newsfeed, messages in a messenger style window

10. Facebook Chat Privacy – Disable read receipts on Facebook chats

11. FB Purity – Hide everything that you don’t want to see on Facebook. It provides a clean, customized and ad-free experience on the social site.

12. Invite All Friends on Facebook – Automatically invite all your friends to events or like pages

13. News Feed Eradicator for Facebook – Replace your news feed with an inspiring quote to reduce your spending time on the social network.

14. Friend Remover PRO – Find your inactive friends and remove them in bulk

15. Face talk – Send a voice message from your computer

16. AddThis – Share any web content to over 300 services including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on.

17. Music for Facebook – Listen to your favorite music while browsing Facebook

18. Anti-Malware Subzero – Block advertisement, infected URLs and protect your account from malware and malicious requests.

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