The 9 Best Facebook Plugins for Your WordPress Website

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facebook plugins wordpress

There is a strong connection between our websites and social media. We create fan pages, expand the network, promote posts across leading social sites and blogging communities. This process helps us to build a regular trusted audience base and get the traffic.

As we know, Facebook is the main source of our social media traffic. It presents different options to market the contents through business pages and groups. With advertisement campaigns and third-party tools, you can unlock more benefits from the social networking site.

In this post, we pick 9 best tools to connect your WordPress website and Facebook effectively. They are useful to increase your page likes, boost user engagement, exposure, and many others.

1. Easy Facebook Like Box

facebook plugins wordpress

It is a highly customizable plugin to display custom Facebook feed, like box and auto popup in WordPress. Easy Facebook Like Box comes in an optional responsive layout and allows you to customize various parts of it in simple steps.

It supports 75 different locales to show the widget in your own language. The popup box is ideal to promote your fan page, stories with options to show/hide them for specific users, devices, and certain pages. In three ways, you can make use of the plugin- widget, shortcode, and HTML for popups.

2. Custom Facebook Feed

facebook plugins wordpress

Custom Facebook Feed is a fantastic plugin with superior quality and features, that adds a truly-customizable Facebook feed in WordPress. It delivers SEO friendly contents in a responsive, mobile optimized layout.

The plugin offers tons of customization options to configure each and every part of the feed. It very easy to use and can be used to display feeds from multiple Facebook pages/groups. It supports localization and many other advanced features to increase your social engagement and fans.

3. Facebook

facebook plugins wordpress

Facebook is another plugin for WordPress users. It contains Facebook like button, live stream and like box to showcase your fans and social media activities. Impress your readers and ensure a regular social media traffic to your blog thereafter. You can use the plugin in two ways- widget and shortcode.

4. Facebook Comments WordPress

facebook plugins wordpress

It is a free plugin to integrate your website with Facebook comments system. Several news portals, blogs, and magazines started utilizing the power of social media to get more readers and comments.

Facebook Comments WordPress lets readers sign in with their Facebook account & leave comments on your posts and pages. It’s customizable and you are able to change the box title, background color, font family, page type, effects if needed.

5. Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags

facebook plugins wordpress

The plugin adds Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags into your WordPress website for efficient social sharing results. It also allows the user to set a default image if the post/page doesn’t have one and automatically resize images to the recommended size based on each network.

6. Super Socializer

facebook plugins wordpress

Super Socializer is an all rounder plugin for social share, social login, and social comments. It contains social sharing buttons from over 100 networks which can be displayed in standard, floating interfaces, widgets and by shortcode. The icons are mobile optimized and highly customizable in terms of size, shape, colors, position etc.

It supports social login from 9 networks including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram which can be used to register, login to WordPress or leave comments. Super Socializer lets you show three types of comments at the same time- Facebook comments, Google+ comments, and Disqus comments.

7. Facebook Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Publish is a simple plugin to publish a post or message from WordPress to Facebook. The plugin allows you to filter items to be published based on the categories and custom page types.

8. Facebook Pixel

facebook plugins wordpress

Facebook Pixel is a powerful plugin to track Facebook conversations and build effective audiences. You are able to set up standard, custom and dynamic events to take your ads to the next level. It will personalize your ads, monitor digital downloads, tracks user info to run better ad campaigns.

Facebook Pixel is a really useful tool to improve and automatically optimize your Facebook ad campaigns. You can customize event parameters, create custom audiences based on the posts and categories they viewed and more with the plugin.

9. Feed Them Social

facebook plugins wordpress

Feed Them Social is a great plugin to display photos and videos from social sites in WordPress. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube along with the options to like, share and follow any feed.

You can show an unlimited number of feeds on posts, pages, and sidebar via shortcode. It is customizable & allows you to showcase photos, videos from the Facebook page, group, album, and event. The contents are mobile friendly and highly responsive across the device types.


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