Anti social app Cloak helps you to avoid unwanted “friends”

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cloak app

We are using social media sites to create more and more friends. We always want to get in touch with them and want to receive their constant updates. In other words, communication between different sections of the globe is easier nowadays.Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and more.

Yes, agreed- Social media networking is the breath of current generation. But there may be some friends who are totally disturbing or nuisance to you in some way. How will you avoid them?

Cloak- is the answer. You can hide from such unwanted friends with this simple application. But there is one condition. They should use Instagram or Foursquare- either by way of posting photos or searching for any location.

It allows users to specify the contacts that they’d rather not see. The “antisocial network” then scrapes Instagram and Foursquare to find out where they are- alert you if they come close.

Anti social app Cloak

‘Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat—  anyone you’d rather not run into,’ App’s official post says.

Cloak- itself calling as ‘incognito mode for real life’- is developed by Brian Moore and Chris Baker. Moore was previously worked on a UNICEF development project and Baker was the former creative director of Buzzfeed as well as the creator or popular chrome extension

Geolocation data from other social media sites, such as Facebook and Google+, are currently not available, but the company hopes to add more social networks and features in the future. Future services will not include Twitter, as the location data just isn’t there, the company says.

Currently, the product is available through Apple’s App store only and there is no official confirmation about the future plans.

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