Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress to Make Money

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affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective monetization method for the bloggers. It helps you earn a marginal income through referrals and product sales.

We are familiar with many blogs that make thousands of dollars on monthly basis from affiliate marketing. You need just three things to reach new heights in the make money blogging.

  • Good online reputation
  • At least 500 regular visitors
  • A strong base of email subscribers

If you meet all these benchmarks, start making money with a basic product knowledge on your niche. Suggest a quality product or service to your readers and get benefit from the referring. Read How to Make Money from a Blog: 7 Effective Methods You should Try.

We’ll show you 10 best plugins that make affiliate marketing easier.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

affiliate marketing

ThirstyAffiliates is a great plugin for the marketers. It allows you to insert links into posts, pages, comments and manage them from one place. The sweetest thing is that it can automatically connect your keywords with the affiliate links and which will boost your income.

The plugins will shorten, customize the URL with options to assign link attributes to them either globally or individually. It will tell you which links are popular and make more money on your site. Google click tracking, geo-targeting and scheduled links for limited promotions are other notable features ThirstyAffilates offer.

2. Affiliates Manager

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Manager is a popular tool for e-commerce sites. It helps you recruit agents, register, login and manage them easily. The plugin will track the referrals the affiliates send to your site and give commissions appropriately.

It will work with WooCommerce and other several e-commerce solutions. Affiliate Manager gives you the freedom to set the commission rate with manual adjustments and real time analysis. No problem, how many affiliates you have. You can add unlimited affiliates, track them, message them and pay them using Paypal.

3. Auto Affiliate Links

affiliate marketing

Auto Affiliate Links is a perfect plugin for all your marketing needs. Just set your affiliate links and keywords to automatically show them inside your contents. You can make the links do follow or no follow, open them in the same page or a new page and limit the number of links per page.

The plugin will work with your affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Ebay, Walmart, Commission Junction, Envato Marketplace and BestBuy. So we can call it as one stop solution for various affiliate accounts.

4. Amazon Auto Links

affiliate marketing

Amazon provides a decent income opportunity to the marketers through product sales. It’s a reliable solution and that’s the main reason why bloggers choose it over others for money.

Amazon Auto Links insert ads in posts, pages, sidebar widgets and theme templates. It helps you display ads by category that matches your niche and automatically update the links that coming out from Amazon at this moment. The plugin is highly flexible to show a specific product, hide unwanted products, disable ads on certain pages and more.

5. Easy Affiliate Links

affiliate marketing

It is a simple plugin to monitor affiliate links on your site. Easily locate them using categories and track monthly as well as lifetime clicks.

Easy Affiliate Links enables you to create short links and set link attribute, target window, redirect type within seconds. You can insert the links anywhere on the content area through the blue color plugin link icon in the visual editor and detach them from the same page or from the link settings.

6. Pretty Link Lite

affiliate marketing

Add clean, simple affiliate URLs on your site. Pretty Link Lite generates short pretty links automatically, tracks the number of clicks along with the detailed report of user location, IP address, browser, operating system etc.

The plugin allows you to shorten the link using your own domain name and add unique identity to your marketing efforts. It will replace keywords throughout the blog with affiliate links to increase your earnings.

7. Affiliates

affiliate marketing

Affiliates is a powerful affiliate system for the sellers, shops and others who have their own affiliate marketing program. Create referrals, track their sales and encourage them to improve the performance, by displaying a notice on the site.

It will work with WooCommerce and other several plugins which are essential for an affiliate marketing site. Easy recruitment, unlimited affiliates and in-depth reports are remaining attractions of the plugin.

8. WP PRO Advertising System

affiliate marketing

It is a brilliant all in one ad manager from CodeCanyon. WP Pro Advertising System lets you design, create, show and manage ads in an efficient manner.

It offers over 18 display options including popup ads, fly in ads, background ads and much more. You can target visitors by device type, operating system and even brands. Schedule ads (show ads at the right time), Ad triggers (show ads at the right place, right time), visual banner editor, responsiveness, banner rotation, transition effects, Ad space sale, detailed statistics and Adblock detection are some remaining features of the plugin.

9. Pretty Link Pro

affiliate marketing

It is a significant upgrade to the Pretty Link Lite plugin. Pretty Link Pro will automatically create links for posts, pages, custom post types and redirect users to appropriate links based on their geographical location. Google Analytics plugin integration to track visits is another advantage of the Pro version.

Time-based redirect is useful for promoting event related or limited period offers. Social sharing buttons, QR code generation and technology based redirects are other main additions from the free version.

10. WP in Post Ads

affiliate marketing

WP in Post Ads is is another plugin to show and manage ads in WordPress. It will help you customize the ads in several ways including split tests, ad schedule, random ads, track impressions and others.

You can ask the plugin to show or hide ads after certain days. It is really a useful feature to show time-based ads. It lets you control the ads individually and insert them anywhere on the site using plugin link or shortcode.

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