How to Make Money from a Blog : 7 Effective Methods You should Try

make money blogging

Are you a blogger ?

Are you looking for best monetization methods for the blog ? Then, you have reached the right place.

There are a couple of ways to make money from a blog site. How much you can earn is purely depends on your efforts and traffic you receives. It may be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The income will encourage you to move ahead with blogging works and fuels all your efforts. Try these effective methods to earn money online.

1. Ad network

make money blogging

Join Google Adsense like networks for showing ads in your site. You will be earned according to the clicks of the readers. Google lets you place text, display, responsive ads in various sizes and anywhere on the site. But ad units are limited to maximum 3 at a time. Adversal, Media are top alternatives to Adsense.

2. Affiliates

make money blogging

Bloggers have tendency to replace Adsense with affiliates after initial stage of monetization. The reason is simple, affiliates unlock unlimited income opportunites than pay per click ad networks. Amazon and Bluehost are some of the popular affiliate sites where you can earn on per sale basis. Commission percentage is different for each products, so find and use highest earning category for your site. It should match with niche of your blog.

Write a review on choosen product and divert readers to your affiliate link. Banners and sidebar widgets are other possible options. Do not write a product review in which you are not fully confident. Otherwise, it will affect your online reputation and faith of the readers.

3. Affiliate networks

make money blogging

Affiliate networks features affiliate links of several sites. Here you can apply for their account and after approval, start promoting their products through the site. Commission Junction, Affiliate Gateway are some of such networks.

4. Ads Marketplace

make money blogging

Sell your adspace to advertisers. Buysellads is a famous marketplace, which connects bloggers and marketers for ad campaign. Submit your blog address to the network. After their verification and approval you can start contacting advertisers for selling the website space.

5. Local Advertisers

make money blogging

If you are receiving good amount of traffic, approach local firms who are interested in online marketing. Get their consent and fix a reasonable rate for your space. If you have basic Photoshop skills, can design such ads according to the clients requirements.  So you need not pay third parties for designing works.

6. Online Store

make money blogging

Do you have passion of designing ? Then, you can start an online store with customized products and sell them through the blog. Cafepress lets you design and create own store with clothes, bags, home decor items etc.

7. Sponsored Posts

make money blogging

Sponsored posts and reviews are main mode of earnings for the bloggers. Website owners or product developers will approach you with the opportunity. Fix the rate and publish the content in exchange of payment.

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