20+ Lazy Load Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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lazy load plugins

You have lots of great contents. But unfortunately, the site takes a long time to load. What will happen?

You will lose the readers naturally, as nobody likes the waiting time and will move to some other site, even though how much precious content you are giving. It will ultimately affect your Google page ranking too. That’s why major WordPress sites, with hundreds of images to load, opt for lazy load plugins.

Lazy load plugins are really helpful to improve the performance of the site. It forces images, widgets, videos, social icons to load only when they are needed. However, the plugin doesn’t leave your site any time as blank. Readers will be able to see any graphical content according to their scrolling down, without any delay.

More awesome is that, 90% of these plugins are easy and free to use. Cool.

These are the top 21 lazy load plugins that are usable wide across the net for different purposes- for images, videos, comments and more.

1. BJ Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

BJ Lazy Load is one of the most trusted plugins for speeding up WordPress. It works well with images, iframes and will load your site faster than before.

2. Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

Lazy Load is another good choice to reduce page load time and saves bandwidth. Images will be loaded only when they are visible to the user.

3. Unveil Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

Unveil Lazy Load will speed up your site by decreasing the data size loaded from the server. It uses a lightweight lazy load library for the purpose.

4. jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

Lazy Load plugins

The plugin adopts jQuery feature for lazy loading of images, as the name indicates.

5. WP images lazy loading

Lazy Load plugins

It will optimize images by following jQuery technique. The plugin delays loading of images outside the visible area of the webpage. It also reduces your server load and will save bandwidth too.

6. Advanced Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

Advanced Lazy Load will increase site speed many times. When a user opens site, it loads the text first, then loads images according to scrolling down the screen.In that way, it will reduce the loading time of the page.

7. Image Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

It is another nice plugin for lazy loading of images and to improve page rank.

8. Rocket Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

Rocket Lazy Load will work for all types of images, thumbnails, widgets, avatars and smileys. It uses tiny lazy load script instead of jQuery. The plugin reduces HTTP requests and improves loading time in an exact way.

9. Crazy Lazy

Like most other plugins, Crazy Lazy doesn’t have any complex settings to configure. Install and activate, that’s all. Soon it will make positive changes in the loading time of images.

10. WordPress Lazy Load

Lazy Load plugins

WordPress Lazy Load will enhance page speed by not loading images from outside of the readers’ viewport. It supports all types of images uploaded to the site.

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